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Adult Day Array

The Alternatives program provides day habilitation and Employment

Vocational support to assist individuals with a variety of

individualized short and long-term goals.  Examples include building

and maintaining interpersonal relationships, daily living skills, and

activities designed around the needs, wishes, and dreams of each

person.  Alternatives assist people in developing their artistic talents

in an environment conducive to creativity.  Our goal is to provide

an opportunity to become known artists in the art community, by

creating a dignified and respected reputation through which people

 may build career opportunities. 


Alternatives offers pre-employment supports for all people who

express an interest in starting their path toward employment.. 


Alternatives is available Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to

2:45 P.M.  245 days a year (closed on major holidays). 

The Alternatives program has air-conditioned, handicap accessible vans for transportation to and from all activities individuals attend.

Services Available:
  • Adult Day Support

  • Community Inclusion Activities

  • Non-Medical Transportation


Click here to contact Nicole Smith for more information.

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