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Our Philosophy

RHDD was founded on the basis that all individuals with developmental disabilities shall be empowered to become independent to the best of their ability while continuing to evolve and be contributing members of their community.  RHDD believes that while a developmental disability may exist, it is in no way a reason to accept limitations.


In order to assist the individuals we serve to accomplish their goals in life, RHDD will provide trained staff that is in compliance with the individual’s ISP and with all guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).  RHDD will not only be a service provider to the individuals we serve, we will be available for whatever the expressed needs may be or assist the individual to find the necessary services to the best of our ability.


Finally, RHDD is not only a service provider to the individuals we serve, we are also extended families and friends as a result of the long relationships we enjoy over the course of life.  We help individuals become more independent through the philosophy that “We work WITH the individual not FOR the individual”.

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