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Residential Services

Our Team consists of experienced and innovative staff able to

provide individual attention to each person we serve.  Governed

by a Board of Directors, we offer local oversight and individual

attention to your needs.  All staff members are required to train

annually in areas relevant to the needs of each individual, to

adapt to a constantly changing field.

RHDD conducts internal quality assurance reviews and spot

checks on a regular basis.  The staff member who conducts the

review will monitor various items including the person’s

finances, ISP documentation, medications, and relative

condition of the home, etc.

RHDD will assist people with their personal funds if needed by providing Payee Representative supports for people we serve.  This service is in place if a person would like help to pay bills and budget for short term and long term needs.  As Payee Representative, we can encourage the people we serve to

participate in managing their money to the best of their capabilities.

The people we serve may require transportation for grocery shopping, attending recreational activities, and running personal errands.  When requested to provide transportation, RHDD has a full fleet of vehicles including wheelchair accessible vans, wheelchair accessible Transit buses as well as non-modified vans and personal size passenger vehicles. We also encourage the people we serve to access their own transportation throughout the community to increase their mobility and independence.

RHDD provides an on call rotation to provide staff and persons served, access to supervisors 24 hours a day.  Local Direct Support Professionals are trained to be the primary on call person for each individual region.  They handle staff call offs and other minor occurrences.  The DSP staff member on call has access ot the Executive Director at all times for more serious issues such as MUI allegations, serious illness/injury, law enforcement involvement, etc. 

Services Available:
  • Highly qualified & compassionate in home staff

  • Transportation

  • Medication Administration

  • Budgeting

  • Personal Shopping

  • And MUCH more

Click your county to see if you're eligible:

Athens   |   Coshocton   |   Guernsey   |   Holmes   |   Monroe   |   Morgan   |   Noble   |   Washington

Click here to contact Heidi Williams for more information.

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